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Photo credit to FACEBOOK

Connecting with friends and relatives living abroad made possible by this social network.

Facebook is a social networking site that is enormously popular. And I wonder if the design of Facebook leaves a lot to be desired there are too many choices for things to do on Facebook.  And some applications are making me doubt to use it - WHY? Is it safe to use? I am talking about the FACEBOOK APPLICATION TOOLS here.

This is a simple thing to do to keep your Facebook profile active. Right at the top of the page there is a place where you can "write something." Usually a comment about what you're doing or thinking, Photo/Video for your wall post, Place where you are into.  Once a day, or even once every few days, is enough. But update it enough to keep your page interesting.

Is this safe if you put all your activities right there just to update your status on FACEBOOK?

Use Groups (a.k.a. Lists in Facebook Terminology)

I have so many groups and pages in FACEBOOK, some are created by me and administered it...

Groups/Pages are a core feature of social networking on the Web. Here you can ADVERTISE your page to make it more known to all  FACEBOOK USERS. But this is a PAID AD, depending on your selection.

How about the GROUP, Is this safe for all group members? I don't have a problem with my SECRET and CLOSED group because I know the person to be added to my group. But in an OPEN GROUP others are using TROLL ACCOUNT.  It is open so we the admins will see to it who are to be added and not to be added.

Add Your Content From Other Sources (Carefully...)

Be careful on what you click for some LINK are just misleading you or bring you to a SCAM.


Make sure that you have posted on your wall just to be seen by your friends or if you want it public for your subscribers.

Brighten Up Your Profile With Photos and Videos

This almost goes without saying, but adding multimedia makes your Facebook profile interesting and attractive.

Now...I am using TIMELINE FORMAT.  I suggest if you want your photo to be seen by your friends only do not put it on a TIMELINE COVER because it will appear publicly to all FACEBOOK USERS.  Be safe and on guard, there are some people who are stalking at you, hackers can get it anytime. It states there in your ALBUM that COVER PHOTOS are for PUBLIC.  So with the videos as well.

Search Out the Best Facebook Apps

Best tip here is to find apps that complement your interests.
In my case I have so many interest applications in my FACEBOOK account.

I have PinterestFashiolistaGoodreadsTumblrweheartit, etc etc...

This is some applications whom I trust more.  

My advice to all Facebook users is to search the directory for keywords of interest to you. The quality of apps varies greatly and often there are errors.  Be careful on what you CLICK again...



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