Plane crash in Davao area?

Hey! Wait!  before you got a heart attack there read this first.

Photo credit to Rocky Rasonable of SSC-Davao
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Outback Grill features it's history starting with the story of the Cross family.  :)

Be sure to be at Outback Grill at Bacaca Road, Davao City beside Zoofari Kids' Adventure on September 15 to find out more!

Somebody Has to Say It

What is going on now here in the Philippines is something we need to put in mind that we are all affected in this scenario.  If we know how to care we should be honest.

Seeing all the pictures from Facebook about politicians helping their kababayans, extending help is a good and nice attribution.  But putting their own faces and names oh no its another story.

This is an act of taking advantage of the Habagat flood victims.  It's a way to far from what we expect from you (Politicians). Even food and canned goods have your pictures and name on it.


We know that Election 2013 in the Philippines is coming but we need to remind you that this is not the proper time to campaign. 

You are a Public Servant.  Not our boss.  Not our master.


How I Find Blogging Ideas

Looking for ideas to blog is the hardest part in blogging.  You must see to it that you know all about your topic.

But in my case, if my topic is about news I will always copy and paste it and put the source link on my blog to give credit to the author.  And or sometimes my blog is all about the people, things and places I visited and the food I eat.  Though I am not a professional food reviewer, I still give my food review in my own perspective.

And or sometimes I just trawl the internet to find something to direct my thoughts, etc...


Ways to Save a Bad Time at a Conference

There's so many ways to save a Bad Time at a Conference:

  1. FACEBOOK:  as we all know this is the most social networking site being used by the people.  In this you can post your status on what you feel of the conference.
  2. TWITTER:  though you felt bad about the conference you are still eager to know what's going on at the conference.  Better follow the conference hastag#, if there is no hashtag make one and spread it out so that others can follow you.
  3. BRING YOUR CAMERA OR VIDEO with you and take PICTURES OR VIDEO:  this way you can make yourself alive, alert and enthusiastic.  You can't feel bored while doing this cause you're going to one place to another.  Interview people on what they can say about the conference.  And at the same time you will have knowledge about the conference then.
  4. LIVING is a sort of disrespecting.  In order to make it good just pretend that you are listening, take a pen and a paper.  Act like you are participating by taking notes, but instead you're taking notes for the places you wanted to visit for a tour (if you are in another place having conference), or planned for a weekend, or write your shopping list.
  5. Wait for the conference to end.  Though you are bored, make it a lesson that next time before you attend such conference know first the SPEAKERS, PARTICIPANTS, and the TOPIC.  

Be responsible enough because what you are going to do there is a piece of a knowledge.

How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog

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Best Corporate Blog requires a LONG TERM COMMITMENT.   Why is it a long term commitment?  Because you are obliged to put the details and continuous information about your blog.  You need to feed your audiences on the topic you are sending them.  

Follow blog etiquettes, I mean use appropriate language when you comment.  Don't be harsh and do not shamelessly promote yourself on someone else's corporate blog.  

To sum it all BE NICE.