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So much new technology popping out now.  And I am one of the confused user, with all the term used here on an Internet I feel like I am living outside the world.

Heard about VPN or VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK?  Well, it's my first time to hear that in my blogging career.  According to the definition about VPN it is one type of network technology which is used to create a secure connection in case with public networks like internet and private networks one which are owned by big corporations. This technology is used to enable remotely assigned user to connect to a private network securely.  Oh, that is great!  We all wanted to have a privacy in our NETWORKING WORLD.

It is like WAN or wide area network, a VPN can also get connected to multiple sites located far away in distance with each other. One common use of a VPN is to further extend intranet connections to worldwide. Many educational institutes also make use of VPN to connect all campuses in one network. In order to make the network more secure and for a particular user to access private network a user must have a unique identification with a password. Most often a personal identification number (PIN) is assigned to all private network users. The PIN is changed in almost every 30 second interval and informed to user by preferred means in order to maintain security. VPN China is one great VPN and ideal for most other VPN’s in terms of security, greater access to authorized users and in many such other factors.

The Chinese government today has made it almost impossible to gain access to many social networking sites like twitter, YouTube and Facebook and it has also blocked many popular news sites as well from being accessed by a user within the country. These measures were taken to maintain peace and prevent any leakage of disturbing news bad for the country’s stability. The major problem of this decision today is faced by citizens of the country as they are unable to access hassle free internet any more.
However the problem also has a simple solution. Virtual private networks are one of the best solutions to maintain long in distance network connections and are a lot more secure. VPN’s are mainly used by large corporations but the citizens in China are turning towards it fast due to the great list of benefits it offers to users of VPN services
To understand VPN technology better, when you adopt this service you are given with an IP address belonging to the USA or England which means you have the clear permission to access geographically banned internet sites like the BBC and you are thus left with complete internet freedom.

Here in the Philippines we use FILIPINO IP ADDRESS.  And just this month Update July 2012: Hide My Ass adds VPN servers in The Philippines.
HMA, one of the most popular VPN services on the internet has recently updated their server network and added some VPN servers in The Philippines.  The advantage of HMA is that you get access to PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN servers in 50 countries (for a total of 264 VPN servers world-wide).  There’s also a money back guarantee, and you’ll save a few dollars every month compared to IAPS.

VPN is available for download online, and will not only give you a new IP, but also hide your old one. This is why virtual IP addresses from a VPN are also known as private or anonymous IP addresses.
VPNs can change your IP, but that's not all they're used for. Businesses, educational institutions, and even the military use virtual private networks to transfer data over long distances. This is because having access to a private network means you can use the public internet to privately surf the web. It's like having your own internet inside the greater internet.
Information is tunneled from your computer or phone to the private server. This means you get complete privacy from other users trying to eavesdrop, as well as private and public organizations that might want to track you for statistics or online profiling. This makes it safer to access private information without interference from third parties. You can see why universities, businesses, and military personnel use this technology for communication.
And if you are fond of watching videos online on stream and view favorite TV shows, by choosing the best VPN you can expect video watching with very little or almost no buffering as VPN improves your viewing and streaming experience and reduces lag and buffering by providing higher net speeds. One major advantage of getting VPN service from the best VPN provider is that you can freely access social networking sites like Facebook , Skype and twitter and be in touch with family and friends all the time.
Source: changeiponline


Akash Ahmed Says:

Thanks for sharing us such an important topics with us. Keep it up so we can hope to get more blog with important information.

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Maricel Says:

In theory, I think I pretty much understand what a VPN is all about. But if you ask me how it's done, you know, the technical tidbits, expect to get a blank stare from me. :)

Reading through your post, I realized VPNs will be playing bigger roles in the future, especially where network security is concerned.

Raine Pal Says:

So am I Ms. Maricel, BLANK STARE also. ^_^

Noel Says:

The internet now is not as safe as it was before and surely security is a must for everyone specially if you have information regarding your online purchases in your computer. It surely empowers is un some ways but on the other hand it gives away most of our privacy and security.

I've heard of Hide My Ass but never really tried it. Nice article, very informative.

Alwin Aguirre Says:

I used VPN when I was still working in a BPO. It's a secure way to access into the company network even when you're away from the office. I was awed when I first used because of how seamless it can be, as if I'm working at my office cubicle. :)

markpogi Says:

VPN is really a powerful tool especially who works from home ^_^

jsncruz Says:

Well you know what, most people in a cyber-oppressive country do not really need to access 'mainstream' and 'global' sites - they just make their own version and voila: they're somewhat happy, and their government, happier.

Teresa Martinez Says:

I won't pretend to understand VPN well so an article like this is very much appreciated by people like me who are not exactly into technology.

Ness Says:

I have been using VPN in my job since the early 2000. And this is also commonly used by bigger corporations who has their headquuarters located in different places, specifically different countries. VPN could be a little tedious in terms of setting it up specially for my job that I have to make sure of the security of tthe connections. Though, it can be considered as one of the secured networks.

bayenmd Says:

Learning a lot from this blog. This is definitely a must-read for techneophytes

special education philippines Says:

Wow I learned new terms about the internet world in this blog. Though I had to pause and make tea before I read the rest of the blog. From a layman's point of view, do I need VPN if I'm working from home? Is it necessary for me to worry if Im not HMA while using the internet?

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