How Schools Could Use Social Media

I am very proud learning that my school where I graduated, ASSUMPTION COLLEGE OF DAVAO (formerly Assumption School Of Davao) come up with this idea on how to guide their students in their education.  

Social Media has really influenced schools and the way education is being delivered.  The main reason why schools are encouraged their students to use SOCIAL MEDIA is the powerful ability they inspire and motivate youngsters. 

I know that sometimes FACEBOOK,TWITTER,GOOGLE+,etc.. disturb the learning's of our students.  But these are just a case to case basis if we the parents can monitor and guide our children in their Social Media activities.

In my school they introduced another form of SOCIAL MEDIA that helps their students interact, create, share and get information about their studies and at the same time
parents can check online on their child's academic development.

GENYO e-Learning the first and only online learning management system for Basic Education in the Philippines.

It provides students and teachers with an exclusive online subscription 24/7 to a wide array of multimedia, curriculum-based teaching and learning resources.

You need to install plugins in order to use
it.  Compatible with browser...

GENYO really bridged the gap between the old learning's we have earned with the cyber learning our children have today.  This kind of Social Media Education is beginning to emerge and it's happening right now in Davao City.