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    How I Find Blogging Ideas

    Looking for ideas to blog is the hardest part in blogging. You must see to it that you know all about your topic.

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    Technology That Empowers Me

    So much new technology popping out now. And I am one of the confused user, with all the term used here on an Internet I feel like I am living outside the world.

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    4 Ways I Emraced My Audience

    There are so many ways I could embrace my audience. With all the blogs I have the first thing I can do this is by knowing who they are and what their goals might be.

How Schools Could Use Social Media

I am very proud learning that my school where I graduated, ASSUMPTION COLLEGE OF DAVAO (formerly Assumption School Of Davao) come up with this idea on how to guide their students in their education.  

Social Media has really influenced schools and the way education is being delivered.  The main reason why schools are encouraged their students to use SOCIAL MEDIA is the powerful ability they inspire and motivate youngsters. 

I know that sometimes FACEBOOK,TWITTER,GOOGLE+,etc.. disturb the learning's of our students.  But these are just a case to case basis if we the parents can monitor and guide our children in their Social Media activities.

In my school they introduced another form of SOCIAL MEDIA that helps their students interact, create, share and get information about their studies and at the same time
parents can check online on their child's academic development.

GENYO e-Learning the first and only online learning management system for Basic Education in the Philippines.

It provides students and teachers with an exclusive online subscription 24/7 to a wide array of multimedia, curriculum-based teaching and learning resources.

You need to install plugins in order to use
it.  Compatible with browser...

GENYO really bridged the gap between the old learning's we have earned with the cyber learning our children have today.  This kind of Social Media Education is beginning to emerge and it's happening right now in Davao City.

My Children Will Do it Differently

This blog topic authored by Chris Brogan, "100 TOPICS I HOPE YOU WRITE", I bookmarked it for future use and today I am using this topic for my post.

It was a fine day for us to go shopping at SM LANANG PREMIER this is the first time I visited SM Lanang Premier with my kids.  And making the decisions to go with them is indeed a RIGHT DECISION from me.


Because of my busy sched I don't have that quality time. And bonding with them I notice their differences, my eldest daughter is a pre-teen now. She is very dependent with her Lola and the way she chooses her liking is very different from me when I was still like her age. My younger daughter is the opposite of my eldest.  She is more independent and thoughtful.  She thinks more of others welfare.  I am very proud of them.

They're both grown ups now, times run so fast. I can hardly imagine that I am old now...hahahahaha...kidding aside this is a difficult stage in my life.  I have to be a good model to them. I know children are a great observer and imitators, they learn fast and think fast...great common sense there! 

I finally realized that my children ARE NOT ME!  They have their own decisions and attributes.  I am talking here about how parents want from their children to make the right decisions and not making the mistakes again.  No parents wanted their children to get hurt or to suffer pain.  I know this was spices of LIFE they are going to encounter. And that's part of the story I will be there with them to recover.

More than anything else as a mother, I'm praying for their good future.  I hope they don't have to make the same mistakes I made as an adolescent.  I  am praying that my children will do it differently.  As their mother and their greatest influence, I am praying that they will have that FEAR and WALK with our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Plane crash in Davao area?

Hey! Wait!  before you got a heart attack there read this first.

Photo credit to Rocky Rasonable of SSC-Davao
Trademark Image
Outback Grill features it's history starting with the story of the Cross family.  :)

Be sure to be at Outback Grill at Bacaca Road, Davao City beside Zoofari Kids' Adventure on September 15 to find out more!

Somebody Has to Say It

What is going on now here in the Philippines is something we need to put in mind that we are all affected in this scenario.  If we know how to care we should be honest.

Seeing all the pictures from Facebook about politicians helping their kababayans, extending help is a good and nice attribution.  But putting their own faces and names oh no its another story.

This is an act of taking advantage of the Habagat flood victims.  It's a way to far from what we expect from you (Politicians). Even food and canned goods have your pictures and name on it.


We know that Election 2013 in the Philippines is coming but we need to remind you that this is not the proper time to campaign. 

You are a Public Servant.  Not our boss.  Not our master.


How I Find Blogging Ideas

Looking for ideas to blog is the hardest part in blogging.  You must see to it that you know all about your topic.

But in my case, if my topic is about news I will always copy and paste it and put the source link on my blog to give credit to the author.  And or sometimes my blog is all about the people, things and places I visited and the food I eat.  Though I am not a professional food reviewer, I still give my food review in my own perspective.

And or sometimes I just trawl the internet to find something to direct my thoughts, etc...