4 Ways I Embrace My Audience

There are so many ways I could embrace my audience.  With all the blogs I have the first thing I can do this is by knowing who they are and what their goals might be. In order to get to know them is to have a (1) GREAT INFORMATION/TOPIC to SHARE with them.

This way you will know how to interact with them.  Getting their attention is the best part of it.  (2)  ENGAGING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE sharing stuff that can help them apply or stuff that are familiar to them that they can relate as if they will hug you because it appears that they sympathize with your thoughts.

By this you can give them (3) INSPIRATION through writings you gain friends and the trust with your audience to your blog.  A trust that will help you to become a good blogger.

Well to sum it all (4) COMMUNICATION is the most essential part to have many followers.   It sounds very simple as I am writing, but I know that it is one of the hardest things in the world.



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